Juki LH-3578AGF Double Needle Needle feed lock-stitch machine (Setup on table, motor & stand)

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Juki LH-3578 AGF Double Needle Needle Feed Lock-stitch Industrial Sewing Machine

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 What's Included with Pricing Listed above:

Machine Brand: Juki
Machine Model: LH3578AGF
Needle Gauge: (1/4")
Machine Type: Double Needle, Needle feed,
with manual reverse & knee foot lift

Motor Type: Mini Servo (Belt Driven)
with dial speed control on the motor
Motor Model: CSM-550-1
Voltage: 110
Phase: 1
Watts: 550
Stand/Legs Type: K (Heavy-Duty)
Table Type: Standard
Thread Stand: Included
Metal Under/Drawer (for accessories): Included
110v Mini Magnetic LED Light: Included


Basic performance:

  • The best-suited thread tension is achieved according to the sewing specifications Unique to JUKI

    Two different types of thread tension controllers have been developed

    The needle tension controller comes in two different mechanisms according to the type of sewing machine. For the G types, the sewing range has been broadened to produce well-tensed seams even when thick thread is used.

  • Material-friendly micro-lifter mechanism

    The presser foot can be lifted by a minute amount by adjusting the eccentric pin located in the presser lifter lever section. When sewing shaggy and elastic fabrics, the load applied to the material is reduced by slightly lifting the presser foot. Materials are handled more easily and are finished without sacrificing the inherent texture of the material.

  • Two selectable new-method oiling mechanisms Unique to JUKI

     ECO-oil method (circulation type)

    The oil dropped from the hook and its surrounding sections into the under-cover is filtered to remove dirt and dust and is then returned to the oil tank. This method saves the effort of oiling and reduces oil consumption.

     Clean oil method

    The oil dropped from the hook and its surrounding sections into the under-cover is not returned to the oil tank, but only clean oil is supplied to the hook at all times.

    *The oiling method can be changed over as desired.


The LH-3500A, with a large hook for jeans, is provided with a "large hook" which is 1.7-fold larger than the standard hook provided for the model launched this last January. With the large hook, this machine helps reduce the frequency of bobbin thread changing when sewing jeans or the like with thick thread. In addition, the curvature of the thread path has been minimized to improve the feed locus. This promises a strong and smooth feed of the material even when sewing heavy-weight materials for jeans.

  • For the lockstitch machines for jeans and heavy-weight materials (G type) requiring well-tensed seams, the curvature of the thread path has been minimized and the feed timing and motion locus of the feed dog have been reviewed. Through these improvements, the production of consistently tensed seams is ensured.
  • The adoption of a high-torque motor helps increase the penetrating force of the needle by approximately 32 % as compared with JUKI's conventional machines. As a result, the needle ensures excellent penetrating force even when sewing multi-layered parts of a heavier weight material.
Model name LH-3578A
Application G: Jeans and heavy-weight
Max. sewing speed 3,000sti/min
Max. stitch length 5mm (F type: 4mm)
Presser foot 7mm (by hand), 13mm (by knee)
Needle G: DP×5 (#21) #16~#23



All our New Industrial Juki Sewing Machine come with a one year limited parts warranty.

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