Repair Services

City Sewing Machine, LLC. With over 135 years of combined experience! We offer repair services for Industrial sewing machine equipment in the following brands: Juki, Union Special, Mitsubishi, Consew, Seiko, Kansai Special, and Newlong machines. Make sure you have contacted us to ensure we work on your machine brand and machine modelHow it works: Repair service inspections with formal estimate will be provided once inspection of the machine is completed. When the repair service estimate is Approved, we waive the repair service inspection charge on the machines sent into our location. If the estimate is not approved, Repair Service Inspection is $85.   Machinery sending in for repair services (Information we will require): Full Billing Address, (Return) Shipping Address, Contact (Full) Name, Phone Number, E-mail Address. Make sure this information is enclosed with the machinery sent to us.
For machinery sent in for repair services/How it works once Repair service estimate is signed and Approved: We waive the repair service inspection charge of $85 on the machines sent into our location. 
Once the invoice for the repair service is paid then we will order the parts needed if parts were needed and or start the repair service ASAP. 
Over the Phone Tech Support ServicesIs billed at $85 an hour. Will be Invoiced for one hour labor. Then once the Invoice is paid, we will contact you to setup tech support date and time and request phone number to call. (No refunds available)
Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Mobile Repair ServicesWe also offer mobile repair services for customers located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Hour Rate of $85 an hour (Door to Door) Hourly Service Rate. Meaning from time our tech leaves our store till they return would be the hours billed at $85 per hour. 
Contact us by email at, to schedule an appointment.
*Mobile Repair Service/Note: If tech discovers part are needed during the first mobile service call, then a second billable mobile service call would be required and formal estimate for the part needed we can provide upon parts estimate request. Make sure you have the part #s ready to provide us.