Utica Bias Collarette Cutter with roll attachment - Used

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200.00 LBS
Utica Bias Collarette Cutter with roll attachment - Used

Used Machine

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Utica Bias Collarette cutter Machine with roll attachment 


  • Machine can be run as fast as operator can handle it.
  • Knives are adjustable. operator can change from one width to another in a few seconds.
  • Indicating dial enables operator to quickly and easily set and reset the speed of roll correctly to cut from any roll of cloth from 10" to 32" diameter.
  • Variable speed motor drive so you can speed it up as your operator improves.
  • Machine is at proper height so that operator is in controllable position.
  • Cutting directly from a roll you eliminate starting more than once on a roll, saving end waste by this method.
  • Roll holding bracket has adjustment so that proper tension can be put on roll. also has quick opening lever to load and unload roll.
  • Has trouble free variable speed drive and clutch on roll attachment.
  • Has reinforced cutter arm shaft and lower hardened shaft for perfect cutting.
  • Made in following width hardened lower shafts where the knives run (9-3/4" not reinforced) (13", 16-1/4", 19-1/2" are reinforced on top and bottom shafts).
  • You can cut and roll up as many strips as you have knives that will divide up in the hardened collar space on your machine.
  • Has crushing cutters- handles all types of fabrics.
  • Ball and frictionless bearings- throughout all moving parts.
  • Main toggle shaft- runs in large enclosed ball bearings.
  • Train of gears -running in oil.
  • Very rigidly built for long trouble free performance.