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160.00 LBS

Hoffman T-810 Final Pressing


This machine has been used very little, still has some of the tags on it.

Fully automatic vertical jeans press to finish jeans in one simple operation with basic microprocessor control. The Hoffman T-810 is designed to give jeans a smooth, soft finish in one easy operation.


Standard Features

  • Steam jets specially designed for maximum fast penetration and low operating decibel level
  • Powerful blower motor for fast hot air drying
  • Superheater to maintain proper steam temperature eliminating any chance of wet steam or water damage to garments
  • Automatic cuff clamp assembly tensions legs
  • Cuff clamp assembly easily adjustable for different garments, e.g. jeans, shorts, etc. and flat fold or center crease presentation
  • Manual steam button
  • Easy to read Vacuum Fluorescent Display Control Panel for absolute clear viewing of control data from any angle and in any lighting condition
  • Visual diagnostic systems for easy maintenance
  • Program counter with rate and average display to monitor operator efficiency
  • Automatic flyclamp length adjustment
  • Automatic/Manual Control Switch


  • Electrical: 240v, 3 phase, 60Hz, 10amps
  • Maximum Air Pressure: 80 psi [5.5 bar]
  • Air Consumption Free air per cycle @ 80 psi: .05ft³ [0.0014 M³]
  • Steam @ 100 psi [7 bar]: 50lb/hr [23 kg/hr]
  • Net Machine Weight: 490lbs [222 kg]
  • Shipping Weight: 530lbs [240 kg]


Finishing Applications
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Casual non-crease pants
  • Corduroy, velvet and fleece pants
  • Softening of wrinkle-free pants


Special Features
  • Ergonomic side-to-side automatic waistband expansion
  • Lockable microprocessor control of steam, steam/air and air cycle
  • Programmable temperature control for superheater
  • Accessible simple steam volume control
  • Automatic flyclamp length adjustment
  • High productivity
  • Consistent quality finish
  • No skill required
  • Minimal operator training
  • Reduced cost
  • Interchangeable waistband forms for men's ladies' and children's garments
  • Skirt attachment for cuff clamp assembly