Juki MO-6904S High Speed 3 thread serger (setuo with table motor & stand.

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BC-Juki MO6904S-0E6-300
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Juki MO-6904S High Speed 3 thread serger (setuo with table motor & stand.

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 What's Included with Pricing listed above

Machine Brand: Juki
Machine Model: MO-6904S
Model Subclass: 0E6-300
Number of feed dog rows: 3
Over Edge Width: 4.0 mm
For material Type: For Light to Medium weight For runstitching in general fabric
Machine Type: High-speed 3 Thread Serger, Single Needle,
over-lock machine

Motor Type: Mini Servo
Motor Model: CSM-550-1
Voltage: 110
Phase: 1
Watts: 550
Stand/Legs Type: K
Table Type: Submerged
Thread Stand: Included
Metal Under/Drawer (for accessories): Included
110v Mini Magnetic LED Light: Included
Motors Pulley Size: 120 mm


Super-high-speed, Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine
MO-6900S Series    

Since the machine comes with a needle-thread take-up mechanism as well as a looper thread take-up mechanism, to offer upgraded responsiveness from light- to heavy-weight materials with a lower applied tension, it achieves well-tensed softfeeling seams that flexibly correspond to the elasticity of the material at the maximum sewing speed of 8,000 to 8,500sti/min.


(Example Picture Model: MO-6914S)



 (Example Picture Model: MO-6914S)

Model nameMO-6904S  
Stitch type 1-needle overlock    
Max. sewing speed 8,500sti/min  
Stitch length 0.8mm~4mm  
Overedging width (mm)  4.8    
Differential feed ratio Gathering 1:2 (max. 1:4), Stretching 1:0.7 (max. 1:0.6)
Needle DC×27 

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