5622 (Electronic Version) Double Needle, Chainstitch

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5622  (Electronic Version) Double Needle, Chainstitch


PFAFF 5622

Double-chain-stitch special high-speed seamer in single and multi-needle models with bottom and needle feeds
JeansFiltration / FiltrationTechnische Textilien / Technical textiles
Flachbettmaschinen / Flat bed machinesNadeltransport / Compound feedKettenstichgreifer / Chain stitch looperStichtyp Kettenstich / stitch type chain stitchAnzahl der Nadeln / Number of needlesFadenanzahl / Number of theadsPressefussautomatik / Automatic presser foot liftOption - Puller / Puller




  • The hooks are arranged parallel to each other and work in the seam line (INLINE)
  • Precise and even stitch-setting on all materials
  • Simplified threading due to the retractable hook; all threading points are accessible from the front of the machine
  • Can be equipped with up to 10 needles next to each other
  • Other needle gauges and seam constructions are possible by conversion
    • largest gauge between outermost needles 60 mm
    • smallest gauge between two needles 4.8 mm
  • By exchanging mechanisms or sewing tools the machine can be adapted to suit individual needs
  • The construction is suitable for table-height and standing installation


General sewing operations in curtains, tents, filters, awings and similar goods