35800DNU9 (New Machine Sewing Machine Head Only)

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96.00 LBS
35800DNU9 (New Machine Sewing Machine Head Only)

Union Special 35800DNU9 

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35800 Product Description:
• High speed, feed-off-the-arm lapseamer for denim.
• Produces either a three needle, six thread 401 Chainstitch; a two needle, four thread 401 Chainstitch (by removing one needle); or a one needle, two thread 401 Chainstitch
   (by removing two needles). For producing a full felled lapseam or top stitching a lapped safety stitch


35800 Outline:
• Strong, flexible full lapped seam.
• Wide variety of sewing combinations, rollers and folders for sewing light to extra heavy materials.
• High presser foot lift and needle bar stroke for strength and sewability.



35800 Features:
• Increased needle bar and needle holder size for added strength and less flexing when sewing over seams.
• Choice of narrow (11.9mm) width roller machines or wide (14.9mm) width roller machines, with associated sewing parts,
   for all types of sewing applications.
• Rollers available in steel toothed or smooth polyurethane rubber construction.
• Low step 1mm (.040") sewing parts for light to medium weight materials; high step 2.4mm (.094") sewing parts for medium
   to extra heavy weight materials.
• Belt or mechanical drive roller puller system.
• Plain feed and differential feed machines for a wide variety of sewing applications.
• Wide variety of lap seam folders available for light to extra heavy weight materials.
• Lever adjustable differential feed, on applicable styles, to reduce wavy seams.
• Small cylinder has 168mm circumference at the needles, and 200mm length, for easy sewing of small diameter tubular work.
• Extensive thread handing and tension parts give maximum control over thread for high stitch quality.

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